Friday, 5 August 2016

Domiciliary Care- An Overview

It is important for many people to stay in a familiar surrounding that is close to their family and friends. However, they would also like to retain their independence, which would require a little help. Domiciliary care offers a perfect solution by giving personal freedom, care and at the same time allowing one to stay close to the family members and friends.

How home care (domiciliary care) can help you

There are various reasons to choose home care services. The domiciliary care will provide home care that is tailored to meet the clients’ needs. Home care agencies offer personal care that can help them.

Personal care is also available to those with acute medical conditions where they can get a skilled personal care assistant that can help them stay at their home. There are some agencies that provide a live-in care, where an assistant will stay with you in order to support you throughout the day and night. Such care homes need to follow excellent home care policies and procedures to ensure that they provide complete service users satisfaction.

Right Support

There are some home care agencies that provide staff who can help meet all the needs of those who deserve. If you want to hire an agency, it is always better to look for a regulated agency as they offer the following features and benefits

• Assess your exact need and come up with a solution to fulfill that.
• Hire assistants by way of advertising, interview them to see their competency and train them.
• Provide assistants with the necessary insurance cover.
• Manage the pay for assistants that would be as per the National Minimum Wage.
• Give alternate assistants in case the appointed assistant is sick or absent due to some reasons.

The domiciliary care policies and procedures enables the agencies to handle some of the most problematic challenges that comes in the way of delivering top quality care services.  Such agency will take care of various other features like

  • Confidentiality Aspect
  • Handling finance
  • Hospitality
  • Medication
An agency with all procedures and policies in place would deliver a safe, consistent service to people living in their own friendly surrounding meeting all the local and national standards.

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