Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Essential Codes of Conduct Regarding Social Care Policies and Procedures in UK

The duty of a social care worker is very noble, as well as significant, as he needs to provide essential health-care services to the people of the society, who need them urgently. But it is important for all social care workers to have a thorough knowledge about the definite codes of social care policies and procedures, as prevailing in England. The common people also need to have knowledge about these codes, so that they have an idea about the exact functions of social care workers, whom they can call for help. 

Mandatory codes of conduct for the social care workers in England

  • Social care workers should work only in the area for which they have competency or the types of tasks that are assigned to him. He should ask guidance from his superiors or senior colleagues, if he has any doubt about the nature of any assigned health-care task. If he finds any task too tough for him to do, he needs to report it to his superior immediately. But in all cases, he should be responsible for all the health-care actions taken by him and even the failures to take timely actions.
  • The social worker should treat the people whom they are providing the required health-care with due respect and sympathy. He should take care of the best interest of the people he is helping, by guiding them to choose the amount of health-care support that they need for their well-being. He needs to help these patients to become capable of self-care, with the required health-care services. He should be careful to maintain the privacy of the people who are provided health-care services, as well as that of their family members.
  • Every social worker needs to speak openly and respectfully to the people whom he is providing health-care services. He will continue his services, only if the concerned person is ready to accept it and give written consent in this regard. He needs to convince the ill people that all their matters will be kept absolutely confidential and they will receive fruitful services that will help them in regaining a normal life. The social worker should maintain a daily record of all the health-care and support services he is providing to the patient in his care.
  • The quality of the health-care services should be the best, for which the social worker needs to improve his competence level, through regular training and development provided by his seniors.

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