Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Need of Policies and Procedures and Its Importance

Be it any service body of the community, each of them requires a set of policies and procedures to lay down specific guidelines for actions of all individuals concerned with the service. These are crucial and go a long way in ensuring and endorsing the well-being of all connected to the service like families, children, staff, volunteers etc. Whenever policies and procedures for community living are well thought out and above all, implemented well; they lay down a common understanding and agreement on how things should be done during any service. These help lay down clear instructions and guidelines as to what actions need to be taken in any particular set of circumstances or when faced with any crisis or issue suddenly.

If any community or organization has its policies and procedures in place, it is extremely easy to get the new staff or new families joining the community to become familiar with the service’s practices and also get to know of what to expect from  the service. However, it should also be remembered that policies are like ‘living documents’. They must be regularly reviewed and revised such that they meet the ever changing needs of the community as well as those working in it the service. It must be dynamic and adapt itself with all possible changes that may have taken place both within the community as well as in the service.

Thus, it can be easily summarized that a carefully and detailed thought out and implemented policies and procedures ensures -
  • A good and healthy practice and work protocol.
  • It helps in establishing a professional and ethical organization which is effective in its work.
  • They bring about a consistency at all levels be it the staff, families, parents or even children.
  • They erase out any ambiguity over the handling and actions on any particular situation or issue.
  • They help grow harmony among staff.
  • They make the entire operation more efficient and effective.

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