Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Best Way For Registering Your Supported Living Services

People with learning disabilities generally prefer the option of supported living, rather than staying at the care homes. The main advantage is that this type of service allows for a better personalised care.

You get more flexible options like, where you wish to live, with whom you would like to share your living space, and also about how you are supported, and by whom. Therefore, it gives people a better control about how they wish to live their lives.

It promotes independence in individuals, where they will not feel the impacts of everyday psychological barriers. Therefore, it is consider as a great housing and care option for those with learning disabilities.

Service providers who offer supported living facilities will need to pass the CQC registration process. The entire process of registering a supported living service can be complex, especially for the new service providers. The registration inspectors and managers have the discretion to reject or approve the registration applications.

Service providers will be able to get registered only after passing the complete assessment process. The inspectors will closely check if they have the capacity to meet the stringent requirements and regulations, before approving the registrations.

Even after the other registration process, the inspectors will check if the service provider continues to comply with the regulations. There are many regulations and guidance clauses as per CQC that the service providers will have to strictly comply with.

During the registration process, the service providers will have to present their service model for approval. The inspectors will then assess if their facilities are suitable for taking care of people with learning disabilities.

Effective way to get your of supported services CQC registered:

There are credible online resources like the Bettal that offer complete assistance with registration of supported services. They have an excellent track record of helping each other clients in successfully procuring the registrations.

Such companies offer all the necessary documents and forms that are needed for passing the inspections and assessment process. Additionally, they also provide accredited quality management systems to help their members in running their services, so that they will not have to face any kind of legal hassles in future.

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