Thursday, 6 July 2017

All You Wanted To Know About Getting A CQC Registration

CQC stands for “The Care Quality Commission” and is a form of an executive public body of the health department in the UK. There are certain questions about registration of CQC that are often asked by people. Here we've answered a few for you.

What is a provider?

A provider is a legal entity who is responsible for performing all the regulated activities for which they seek registration. There are mainly three types of providers:
  • An individual
  • Partnership
  • Organization
Send an application

To get registered, a properly filled CQC registration application form must be sent by the provider to the concerned office. They should present all the details pertaining to the applicant, all the regulated activities they want to apply for and the location from which, at which, the permission needs to be granted.

Evaluation of the application

All the application received by the professionals at the CQC office will be assessed carefully. If all the details are provided and the form is duly filled as per the requirements, then registration will be granted.

What are conditions that are required to be met by an applicant?

Applicant should be in proper health condition (both mentally and physically). It will comply with the needs of the relevant enactments and regulations. Otherwise. To find the list of requirements, you need to understand the “Health and Social Care Act 2008” and the regulations associated with it.

Is it necessary to appoint an assistant manager?

There are some providers who are needed to have a registered manager as a sole condition for undergoing the registration process. Appointed managers should also apply as well as fulfill the fitness criteria and other requirements of the enactments and regulations.

Only those people who are found to be fit, provide and manage best quality care in meeting the requirements of people, are considered authorized to continue their business in any particular location.

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