Monday, 11 December 2017

Why Registering a Service With CQC Is a Mandatory Process?

If you are a business that provides adult social care, then it is mandatory for you to complete all registration formalities with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). When you complete this registration process, it not only allows the CQC to examine the capabilities of your organization to provide high quality adult social care services but also gives them the power to run a thorough scrutiny of the professional status and individual character traits of the important individuals who are front-runners in the organization.

The registered manager and the registered service provider hold the joint responsibility and are legally liable together for ensuring safety and quality of the services being provided. This holds true for the specific regulated activities being conducted at the specific locations as mentioned in the application. The duty of a care provider is serious business and the thoroughness of registering a service with CQC aptly reflects this.

An ageing population and the high service costs associated with adult social care make this an important topic for discussion. Every time a scandal breaks out, the media comes out and feeds a lot of frenzy and rumors to the masses that fuels public outrage. A tentative political reaction follows which eventually places the matter at the door of the CQC. The end result is an increase in burden of compliance on existing adult social care providers.

Start-ups in the health and social care space are mandated to complete registration formalities before being allowed access to the market. Add to that the need to raise standards and verify credentials and you have a lengthy, detailed registration procedure designed by CQC which is often frustrating for the business. Many start-ups look upon this as a major hindrance to their ability to generate cash flows, something they cannot afford to delay upon.

CQC has some specific guidelines laid down to ensure ease of registration for newcomers to the business. Going through these guidelines will help the startups in the healthcare sector do business better and prevent them from falling on the wrong side of the law.

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