Monday, 12 March 2018

What is the Need of Policies and Procedures in Care Homes?

Most of the times the need of policies and procedures in care homes come from the legal sites that talks about protecting oneself.

However, that is not the only reason. Policies and procedures in a care home or any other institution are documented for several other reasons.

 Need to defend an action – This is done before an arbitration body with the help of a manual that provides program constancy necessary to deliver services. Along with action, it also answers behaviour and practice in a particular organization.

Need to have concrete evidence - This is done in an efficient and logical manner and when oral tradition is insufficient. A manual page covering the policies and procedures answers the way one carries out an operation.

Need to have a structure - The structural requirement of having a quality improvement process is also met by a P and P manual. It records all the licensing agencies for not complying with a standard thought.

How are policies and procedures beneficial for an organization?
  • A standard operation procedure or policy is the easiest tool for establishing an effective business tool.
  • It does not highlight much stress about how to complete it and rather why one should complete it.
  • These are an easiest way to share information with all employees providing knowledge about a particular process.
  • A standard P and P module helps to understand the whole business process and help to evaluate more than what it demands.
  • They can also help one to decide how to proceed forward and whether it will create an impact on the business requirements.
With policies and procedures, one cannot become accredited. Hence, it is the prime necessity for any institution to have clear policies and procedures. By fully understanding the P and P manual one can make the best choices for their organization.

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