Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Check Activities which Align with Nursing Home Policies and Procedures

A nursing home is an institution which provides residential accommodation along with health care amenities, particularly for old people.

To provide you or your loved ones the best treatment and care, there are nursing home policies and procedures set in place by CQC.

According to set standards, the policies and procedures should align with the activities which are mentioned below:

Helping with daily task
Various people require assistance with their daily tasks. These tasks include dressing, bathing, drinking, eating, running errands, etc.

A nursing home employee should always help you with such activities.

Housekeeping duties
The staff also needs to take care of cleaning duties and laundry services. Keeping up with these tasks becomes hard for an old person.

So, when in the care of nursing homes, employees have to take care of all these.

Treatment and health care
Nursing homes need to provide you with the best healthcare system and skilled employees.

From medication to emergency services, all should be under the supervision of certified healthcare personnel.

Food Service
Providing healthy and nutritious food is a must. You will receive snacks and meals throughout the day.

Moreover, dieticians should be available for consultation so that you receive all nutrients that your body requires.

Social Environment
These places should have an adequate social network. You will quickly become friends with other residents. So, this aids in keeping depression away which comes with old age.

So, proper socializing and events once in a while to make new friends is essential.

Safety and security
Nursing homes have to provide a remarkable security to keep you protected from all harm. So, from health risks to security everything needs to be of top-notch quality.

These are some of the activities to which policies and procedures a nursing home facility has to adhere.

With these policies in place, you can be assured of getting the best care which you or your loved ones require!

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