Monday, 10 September 2018

The importance of a quality management system in social and healthcare

The main element of quality management is to improve the effectiveness of treatment and elevate individual satisfaction with quality services. With the rising level of social and health care cost and an older population, care services quality management systems are getting elevated attention.

A care system comprises of small and big organisations like care homes, medical clinics, pharmacies and other components that offer quality services for the system to properly function. Below written are the important factors for care services quality management systems.


Quality management in social and health care needs close cooperation with several professionals and experts. The caregiver must agree on the shared goal of providing quality service as well as assume a role of a leader to motivate all the employees.


Care services quality management systems are all about delivering dependable processes. Reliability needs reward mechanisms, quality measurement systems, quality improvement policies, risk reduction process and the existence of performance goals.


The social and healthcare sector is heavily regulated and depends on various technologies and manpower. Also, the costs are usually covered by a third party like the government or insurance company. These elements require a quality management system that follows the regulations and adopts the necessary knowledge and latest technologies for proper application of the technologies as well as manpower.


Successful quality management is entirely focused on the requirements of the individuals as they are the ones that judge the appropriation of services and the benefits of the treatment. Old people expect and need change over the time; hence good quality management is based on constant monitoring of the progress of the elderly and service satisfaction. The monitoring uses both subjective and objective means to judge the treatment quality and approach.

Therefore, the social and health care sector identifies goals and to meet the change. The organisations ensure that equal care is given to everyone. It also adheres to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for all health and social care services to meet the standards of safety as well as quality.

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